It’s all about what’s in our shampoos and what isn’t. On Reavey’s list of nos are ingredients that strip or cause scalp irritation like alcohols, fragrances, silicones, or sulfates. Alternatively, she says gentle hydrating ingredients like plant-based oils, extracts, salicylic acid, amino acids, and squalene are excellent options. “These ingredients relieve irritated and inflamed skin while hydrating the scalp and removing buildup,” she says. 

Additionally, coal tar is a dermatologist-recommended ingredient you’ll find in psoriasis-treating shampoos, as the dark liquid derived from coke and coal gas from coal is proven to help reduce inflammation and slow the rapid growth of skin cells. Now, if the idea of coal tar on your scalp gives you a little anxiety (it’s perfectly safe BTW), don’t worry. You have many options. We’ll get to those shortly!

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