Linda Ellis, who took on the position as superintendent of the district last May, chose to instead focus on giving the appearance of political neutrality. “As part of what we do on a routine basis, a message was shared with staff earlier this year that while teaching it is critical that we remain politically neutral,” she said Thursday in a letter CBS DFW obtained. “I think we can all agree on that. Where the conflict arose is when we put a picture in the daily message that some staff construed as political.” She explained that the picture was “intended to celebrate a history making day” and the administrator even attempted a bizarre kind of apology for her apology.

“The apology the following day was not intended to take away from history or from the picture, but rather to apologize for the impression of some that staff at central office chose to include the picture and did not adhere to political neutrality,” she said in a statement CBS DFW obtained.


Social media users clearly weren’t happy about the district’s position. A “violation of political neutrality? SERIOUSLY?” Twitter user Lee Ferguson asked in a tweet Sunday. “These women are celebrating the elevation of a woman who looks like them and many of their students by wearing shoes and jewelry and y’all are gonna silence them by removing their photo?” Ferguson added.

Faneeza Mohamed, an educator and author, tweeted Sunday: “People are really in their feelings about #Chucksandpearls2021. They can’t seem to celebrate that a #woman holds the second-highest office in the nation. Is it because she is a #Democrat or a #womanofcolor? #KamalaHarris”