Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced that his administration could challenge a Supreme Court ruling that states must provide education to all, including undocumented immigrants.

“Texas already long ago sued the federal government about having to incur the costs of the education program, in a case called Plyer v. Doe,” Abbott said during an appearance on The Joe Pags Show.

In Plyer v. Doe, the Supreme Court struck down both a state statute denying funding for education of undocumented immigrant children in the United States and a municipal school district’s attempt to charge an annual $1,000 tuition fee for each student to compensate for lost state funding.

Abbott said that “the Supreme Court ruled against us on the issue about denying, or let’s say Texas having to bear that burden.”

“I think we will resurrect that case and challenge this issue again, because the expenses are extraordinary and the times are different than when Plyler v. Doe was issued many decades ago,” Abbott added.

Abbott’s remarks are a further sign that Republicans feel emboldened by a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that indicated the Court will move to strike down Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that safeguarded the right to an abortion and that allows women to seek reproductive healthcare without excessive government restriction.

Abbott has been a vocal opponent of President Joe Biden’s and his administration and has often accused him of manufacturing a crisis at the United States-Mexico border, which has seen a significant uptick in illegal border crossings.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slammed Abbott last month after he ordered state troopers to step up truck inspections, noting that these delays are only contributing to further supply chain disruptions.

“Governor Abbott’s unnecessary and redundant inspections of trucks transiting ports of entry between Texas and Mexico are causing significant disruptions to the food and automobile supply chains, delaying manufacturing, impacting jobs, and raising prices for families in Texas and across the country,” Psaki said in a statement.

“The continuous flow of legitimate trade and travel and CBP’s ability to do its job should not be obstructed. Governor Abbott’s actions are impacting people’s jobs, and the livelihoods of hardworking American families,” she added.

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