To get a complete picture on Roberson, it is necessary to study his tape prior to the ACL tear he suffered in 2020. The typical recovery timetable should have Roberson back to pre-injury form by next season, so his grade is based primarily off tape from 2019 and 2020. He’s a high-cut receiver with tight hips who is more speedy than athletic. When healthy, he takes the top off of defenses with high-power acceleration that can lead to long touchdowns. However, he lacks the short-area agility to beat tight man coverage with route success. Medicals will play a big role in determining his draft day value, but when healthy Roberson, will still need a more limited route tree for optimal results.


A trip back to pre-injury tape shows his potential.

Owns drive phase off the snap with rocket juice.

Uses ball-tracking radar and adjustments to find the prize.

Second gear to run under an aggressive deep ball.

Holds off defender to leverage a landing space for deep sideline toss.

Threatening speed can open easy stop routes.

Moves with quarterback when play comes off schedule.

Feels boundary and dots the turf to make the catch.

Runs with a sense of urgency after the catch.

Offers some kick return value.


Suffered season-ending injuries in 2019 (foot) and 2020 (ACL tear).

Noticeable hitch in his gait in 2021.

Lacks foot quickness in short areas.

Struggles to get past talented press corners.

Hip tightness hinders lateral agility for shake routes underneath.

Too gradual on intermediate comebacks.

Focus drops have been an issue.

Won’t win most 50-50 balls against size.


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