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If the Titans were going to take a running back at all in the draft, we thought it should be one who can be a third-down specialist that catches pass, etc., rather than a traditional runner.

Instead, the Titans drafted someone who is very similar to their current starting back, Derrick Henry.

Haskins describes himself as a “powerful, aggressive runner,” and there’s no doubt his strength is running downhill and between the tackles.

“I just feel like I’m a powerful back, but I’ve got everything in the tool bag, Haskins said. “I run angry. I don’t want to get hit in the backfield or none of that. I’m trying to gain yards and get those extra little YAC yards. I’m just a powerful, aggressive runner.”

Haskins, who is a plus in pass protection, has the potential to be a back who can contribute on all three downs, but his limited experience with catching passes (24 receptions at Michigan) could hurt his chances to do so right away.

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