The Tennessee Titans entered the 2022 offseason strapped for cash and, at the moment, have the fifth-lowest amount of effective cap space in the NFL (-$1.29 million) — but how are things looking for general manager Jon Robinson and Co. down the road?

According to Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger, the Titans rank 19th in the NFL in salary cap health moving forward. Spielberger explained how he managed to come up with these rankings.

  1. Active draft capital (how many rookie contract players you have and where they were selected)
  2. 2022-24 effective cap space
  3. total prorated money (want to be low)
  4. top 51 roster valuation (Browns #1)
  5. 2023 UFA valuation (want to be low)

Money could be tight by default next offseason as well, but the Titans can look forward to a likely increase in the overall salary cap, and they have some big-money contracts they can unload if need be.

Some potential cap casualties include include quarterback Ryan Tannehill, left tackle Taylor Lewan, outside linebacker Bud Dupree, wide receiver Robert Woods and (gulp) running back Derrick Henry.

Of those five, Tannehill, Woods and Lewan are most likely to get the boot. I’d put Dupree slightly behind those three, and then Henry as the least likely to get cut.

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