Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to slam Disney for opposing Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law but revealed more about himself.

Video of Cruz:

Cruz said, “I think there are people who are misguided trying to drive Disney stepping in saying in every episode now they’re going to have, you know, Mickey and Pluto going at it.  Like, really? But it’s just like come on guys, these are kids. You can always shift to Cinemax if you want that.”

Ted Cruz has always thought of himself as a comedian. (He isn’t.) Cruz was trying to capitalize on the right-wing culture war propaganda, and now Disney is the enemy of the right for suggesting that gay people should not be treated like some great unspoken.

Cruz’s remarks reveal much more about himself than they do about Disney. Sen. Cruz has clearly given a great deal of thought to the potential sex life of Mickey Mouse.

Ted Cruz is less wholesome than anything that Disney puts out, and he claims to be a Christian.

It appears that there is something deeply wrong with Sen. Cruz. I don’t know what that is, but Cruz has probably spent more time thinking about Disney character same-sex relationships than the rest of us.

Something is clearly not right here, and the problem isn’t at Disney.

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