WEEK OF January 25 – 3 1, 2021

Your month to shine is already underway, with the radiant Sun soaring through your tenth house of career success until February 18. This is your annual cycle for making bold moves toward more leadership and responsibility. But on Tuesday, January 26, you might have to take a stand for yourself or your work as el Sol locks horns with volatile Uranus in your sign. You may have to choose between following the party (i.e., company) line or veering off on a path decidedly your own. Just make sure you’re doing this because you believe in it—not because you feel pressure (subtle or otherwise) from someone else. It’ll be easy to be misunderstood or for signals to scramble under this wobbly square, so be extra cautious about the company you keep.

Come Thursday, your attention veers away from work and focuses on home sweet home courtesy of the year’s only Leo full moon. This empowering moon lands in your domestic fourth house and can act like an anchor in your domicile. It’s not like 2020 did much for your social life, but for the next two weeks—even the coming many months—your comfort-loving side will get dialed up to 11. But you won’t only be lazing around your bullpen. Leo energy is highly creative and inventive. Take a look at your digs and see what strikes you as “needs most improvement.” You can blend Feng Shui principles to get the chi flowing with savvy shopping (online sales, consignment shops) to make some budget-friendly changes.

If you’ve been contemplating a move, think more in terms of where (and how) you’d like to be living in six months from now: out of the city and into nature? Away from the ‘burbs and into the heart of Gotham? Gain a roommate, lose one, move in with bae…? But take your time because this full moon will continue to unfold for up to six months. Also on Thursday, the Sun syncs up with lucky Jupiter in your career zone, which might involve turning part of your space into a production center! Or you may get a clear signal about how to handle a vexing domestic matter through honest communication, thanks to meetup of diplomatic Venus and penetrating Pluto in your candid ninth house.

Career initiatives could hit a speed bump this Saturday as schmooze-meister Mercury flips into retrograde in Aquarius and your career corner until February 20. But that’s not a mandate to hit pause on everything you have cooking and go into hibernation! It’s just a simple “warning” that communication and technology could throw some curveballs your way, forcing you to slow down (yes, Taurus, even more) and make sure you’re nailing the details.

Mercury retrograde is also an ideal cycle to reconsider and perhaps tweak some of your tactics and approaches. While others blast ahead (and perhaps get derailed), you can play to your strengths and do what your methodical sign does best: pursue a slow and steady—yet unwavering—path to the finish line!

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