WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

The week could bring amazing developments for your social life, Taurus. All year long, expansive Jupiter in Pisces has been spurring you to spread your wings and take more chances with people. On Tuesday, the red-spotted planet gets in pitch-perfect harmony with open-hearted Neptune in Pisces and your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. This is the first time since 1865 that this dreamy duo has united in the sign of the Fish. Budding connections could evolve into bonding moments before the week is through. Talks may turn to your deepest desires and it’s anyone’s guess what you and your crew might cook up. (Buying a shared vacation house in Joshua Tree? Starting a supper club?) Some Bulls might be feeling extra experimental AND willing to take a risk, joining a group that you haven’t properly vetted. Since neither Jupiter nor Neptune has a healthy sense of limits and boundaries, don’t act impulsively. Know what you’re getting yourself into and read the contract’s fine print.

Strategic collaborations get another burst of momentum beginning Thursday, as driven Mars joins Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, firing up your eleventh house of teamwork and technology until May 24. Whether you’re hoping to round out Team Taurus with a few perfect puzzle pieces, desire new friends or are looking to contribute to a meaningful organization, it’s time to get the outreach going. Already got your networks in place? Be warned that Mars might crank up competition and stress within a group or inspire you to get more organized. If you’re not working at peak efficiency levels, research team-messaging apps and adopt one with the potential to streamline your communication and workflow. Lean into your planning powers and make sure everyone is clear about their duties and especially deadlines. On a whole different note, with frisky Mars in your tech zone, single Bulls might have surprisingly good luck on dating apps, so be liberal with your right-swiping. This is also your friendship zone, so don’t overlook platonic pals with potential. They might be as eager as you are for some scintillating conversation, but don’t go there unless you could actually see a future when you’re able to spend time together offline.


Think like a healthy hedonist this Saturday when the year’s only full moon in Libra gives your work and wellness zone a galactic glow-up. You could bliss out on collagen-boosting smoothies mixed with coconut cream and blue spirulina, or find your happy place in an energizing dance class. Definitely ditch the “no pain, no gain” mindset. If you’re searching for a fitness studio, know thyself, Taurus. If you actually want to USE the membership, it’s probably worth spending a little extra per month for one that has a beautiful sauna, amazing drop-in classes and lots of natural light. This lunar lift could bring momentum for your career. Maybe you’ll find a gig (or a new role!) where you can merge your creative talents with your planning powers. Think back to what you were pursuing near the corresponding NEW moon last October 6. A ship that you thought had sailed might float back into your harbor. In the two weeks that follow this full moon, network like it was your second job, and pursue any and all leads!

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