The ladies of ‘The View’ tied themselves in knots to defend Rep. Jamaal Bowman in his fire alarm controversy on Monday.

This was as predictable as the rising sun. Bowman is a far left Democrat, therefore he can do no wrong in the eyes of the hosts on this show.

Had Matt Gaetz done this, we all know that the ladies of ‘The View’ would be demanding jail.

FOX News reports:

‘The View’ hosts brazenly defend Jamaal Bowman after fire alarm incident: ‘He panicked’

“The View” was divided on Monday over whether Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., had purposefully pulled the fire alarm inside a congressional building on his way to delay a House vote Saturday on a bill to avoid a government shutdown.

Surveillance video shows Bowman appearing to pull the alarm in front of two closed doors. The Democrat stunned conservatives after he claimed that he was rushing to cast his vote and pulled the alarm by mistake in an attempt to exit the building.

Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg adamantly defended the congressman on Monday’s show. Hostin said she personally knew Bowman and believed he “panicked” when he couldn’t open the door, which were marked as emergency exits. She compared the situation to being trapped in an elevator.

“I don’t want to call it a stunt,” Hostin insisted.

“I know Jamaal, and so again, I’m a little biased, but the doors that are normally open so that he could get to the chambers to read, were somehow miraculously closed. How did that happen?” she questioned.

Here’s the video:

Whoopi defended him too:

What a clown show.

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