The Stanley County School Board meets at 6pm CT today (July 10, 2024) at Parkview Auditorium in Fort Pierre.

Among items on the agenda are:

The Stanley County School Board meeting does include time for public comment, but the district policy requires people to give notice “prior to the board meeting” if they would like to speak.

Stanley County School District #57-1
Board of Education – Regular Meeting Agenda
July 10, 2024 – 6:00 P.M.
Board Room – Parkview Auditorium
Proposed Agenda

1. Call meeting to order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Conflict of Interest Declaration
5. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes for June 17, 2024, Board Meeting and June 26, 2024, Special Board Meeting
b. Approval of Bills
c. Imprest Expense
d. Financials for June 2024
6. Oath of Office
7. Election of Officers
8. Public Comment
9. Public Budget Hearing – 6:15 P.M.
10. Action Items – Approve to Designate
a. Regulate Meeting date, time, and place
b. Board compensation
c. Fund Depositories
d. Account Custodian
e. Official Newspaper
f. School Attorney
g. District Truant Officer
h. Title 1 Authorized Representatives
i. Special Education Representatives
j. Federal Programs Representatives
k. Official Purchasing Agents – State/Federal
l. Staff Salaries Publication
m. Emergency Bus Pact
n. Approve SDHSAA Membership
11. Legislative Liaison
12. ASBSD Convention Delegate
13. Stanley County Equalization Board
14. 2024-2025 Standing Committees
15. Increase of Meal Prices
16. 2nd Reading of Activities Handbook
17. SDHSAA Runoff Election Ballot
18. Approval of Title Consolidated Application
19. Approval of SPED Comprehensive Plan
20. Approval of IDEA Special Education Application
21. Approval of Stanley County School District 2024-2025 Schoolwide Plan
22. GOLD Program Update
23. Administrators Report
24. Contracts/Letters of Intent
25. Adjournment

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