The developers behind Splitgate no longer plan to wind down the beta ahead of a full launch originally planned for later this month. Instead, the game’s recent popularity seems to have encouraged its dev team to leave the game in open beta and gradually roll improvements throughout the foreseeable future.

Splitgate launched into open beta last month with plans to launch into 1.0 on July 27. Now, a month into that open beta period developer 1047 Games says that the game has officially surpassed 10 million downloads in that period. On top of that, Splitgate now sees closer to 175,000 concurrent players, a sizable increase from the 4,000 it regularly saw a few weeks back.

As such, studio leadership says the team will need extra time ahead of that eventual 1.0 launch to improve server stability for a large volume of players.

“In looking at the issues facing the scalability of the game’s backend, the process includes far more than simply dealing with server capacity,” reads a statement from 1047 CEO Ian Proulx. “We are focused on keeping the game stable for fans, and iterating on the game’s concurrent capacity in order to minimize player wait times. We want to do this the right way, and we want to be prepared for massive scale when we officially launch, all the while continuing to improve the beta with frequent updates, additional features, and improvements to server capacity.”

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