No wardrobe staple has had a resurgence in recent decades the way that skirts have. As the dust settles around the Miu Miu spring 2022 runways that sparked major excitement around micro-minis, skirts are evolving in more directions than one. Yes, they are getting longer but they are also expanding in width and coming in swatches of fabric we didn’t expect to see amongst the runway looks. Yes, Miu Miu most certainly put a spotlight on skirts but every single other designer is loving them just as much.

My inner child is jumping with joy at the revelation that skirts have officially reached their peak in this modern era. My youth was plagued with a love for miniskirts even in the depths of a Midwest winter. For this reason, you’ll still find me running out to grab a coffee in the West Village wearing sheer tights and a skirt no matter how cold it is. After reviewing the greatest hits of the 2023 runway collections that we’ve seen (so far), these 7 skirt trends are an absolute must-know.

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