An Oath Keeper who has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy has confirmed that Stewart Rhodes was in communication with the Trump White House.


Ryan Reilly said on MSNBC:

This is the third Oath Keeper guilty of seditious conspiracy. He will testify before the grand jury and the most significant component of this is he was in this room and described this moment in the Phoenix Park Hotel right here in the Capitol when he was in the room with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers who was heading it up and Stewart Rhodes in that suite was trying to get a Trump intermediary on the phone and trying to get a direct line of communication with Donald Trump.

That was pretty significant news in this new plea agreement and will move this Oath Keeper’s fate forward and will have consequences for the January 6th investigation given this new line of communication with the Oath Keepers and the Trump White House.

The Trump White House was in communication with the Oath Keepers who were trying to establish a direct line of communication to Trump himself, presumably to get direct instructions for the 1/6 attack.

There are connections between Trump and sedition that can’t be ignored. Trump’s own daughter Ivanka Trump testified that her father was reluctant to get involved and stop the attack on the Capitol.

The pieces are coming together, forming a picture of a White House that potentially committed sedition.

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