This week’s episode of American Auto is bringing extra laughs.

That’s because Seth Meyers will guest star on the NBC comedy’s Jan. 31 episode, as the Late Night With Seth Meyers host throws a hilarious jab at Ana Gasteyer‘s character Katherine Hastings in E! News’ exclusive sneak.

In the preview, the Payne Motors team’s latest crisis—the Hydra car model’s faulty transmission pawls—has taken the global stage, as Katherine and the gang watch Seth poke fun at the problem on his late-night series.

“Ukraine pleaded for more military aid and vehicles, saying, ‘We are desperate,'” says Seth on the TV. “But when Katherine Hastings offered to ship them a thousand Payne Hydras, [President VolodymyrZelenskyy replied, ‘Not that desperate.'”

Despite a giggle from Cyrus (Michael Benjamin Washington), the joke isn’t one the team finds funny, as Katherine remarks, “I didn’t even do that.”

But resolving the issue might have more consequences than benefits. Katherine asks, “Can you guys set this straight?” to which PR maven Sadie (Harriet Dyer) responds, “You want me to release a statement saying we aren’t trying to aid Ukraine?”

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