An update has been made in Adnan Syed‘s legal journey.

Syed, the subject of the true crime podcast Serial, has had his murder conviction for the 1999 killing of Hae Min Lee reinstated by a Maryland’s appeals court, per NBC News.

The decision comes as a result of a procedural problem, according to the outlet. After Syed was released from prison in September, Lee’s family filed a notice of appeal that same month asking that his conviction be reinstated as they were not given sufficient notice of the Sept. 19 hearing that led to his eventual release.

On March 28, the Maryland appeals court ruled in favor of the appeal filed by Lee’s family. Now, a new hearing will be held, which will either lead to Syed’s original conviction being reinstated again or vacated again.

Until then, his charges have been reinstated.

“We are equally pleased that the Appellate Court is directing the lower court to conduct a transparent hearing where the evidence will be presented in open court,” Lee’s family said in a statement to NBC News, “and the court’s decision will be based on evidence for the world to see.”

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