NEENAH, WI — Wisconsin Republican candidate for Secretary of State Jay Schroeder recently committed to the 2022 Election Integrity Candidate Questionnaire and pledge led by the Election Transparency Initiative.

Following Schroeder’s pledge, the National Chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative, Ken Cuccinelli, released the following statement:

“Election integrity in Wisconsin is not only essential to repairing the trust of the State’s voters, but also those of a nation who have lost confidence that their vote matters and that it can be counted fairly and openly in elections that are secure and transparent. But it’s worrisome when any candidate seeking office declines to explicitly state her position on matters of such importance to voters, especially election integrity.

Make no mistake, it should be a red flag for any Republican voter that Rep. Loudenbeck – unfortunately – isn’t willing to commit herself to a detailed accounting of election integrity issues. She’s been loyal to party leaders like Speaker Vos who have slow walked election reform, resisted investigations into election fraud, and supported unsecure drop boxes in 2020. It appears that she’ll put the interests of Republican party leaders before the best interests of achieving fair and secure Wisconsin elections, and won’t stand up to Democrats who want to make it easy to cheat. Fortunately, Jay Schroeder has left no doubt that, as a champion of election integrity, he will fight for Wisconsin elections in which it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat. Voters have a clear choice on August 9th.”

Jay Schroeder shared the following statement in response:

“The 2022 Election Integrity Pledge is a common sense act of commitment that any elected official should be willing to take in safeguarding the voice of voters who empower our Representative Democracy to function.

There should be no hesitancy in embracing practices we have long held as vital components to Free and Fair Elections. If our legacy of self-governance is to continue, we must make certain that elections reflect the choice of the people. Accurate voter registration lists, citizen-only voting, voter ID requirements, and secure and verifiable absentee ballots are just a few of the common sense measures to protect our elections. The opposition to such standards for election integrity is grounds for disqualification as an elected official, as such sentiments are anti-American at their root.

As your next Secretary of State, I will proudly uphold the 2022 Election Integrity Pledge as a passionate advocate for the sanctity of each valid vote. I look forward to collaborating with members of the Election Transparency Initiative to fight tirelessly until every element of the pledge becomes a reality in our shared mission of securing our elections.”

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