Be forewarned: The process of creating glass nails may be more tricky than a 30-second clip on TikTok will have you believe. According to Boyce, glass nails can be difficult to achieve without the right tools (or an open mindset). “You want to make sure that you’re not getting bubbles during the application because that will show throw at the end,” says Boyce, describing the extent of the clear gel extension building process. “[Glass nails] are definitely more of an advanced type of nail because it’s really hard to hide perfections,” she continues. As difficult as they may be for a nail novice, committing to the style and finding a manicurist who can bring it to life makes this trend achievable. Be sure to screenshot this story for nail inspo before you head to the salon.

While it’s always fun to try new nail looks at home, glass nails largely depend on experience and skill to be captured. Because it’s so detailed, Boyce recommends going to a manicurist for glass nails rather than trying it on your own unless you’re confident in your abilities and okay with the possibility of very visible imperfections (after all, the trend is called glass nails). For those of you bold enough to try this without the aid of a manicurist, Boyce recommends Orly’s GelFX Builder in a Bottle in the shade Crystal Clear to build extensions for the natural nail. If home manicures are more your style and you would prefer to opt for non-gel polishes, here’s a list with 15 of my favorites that will give you a glass nail–inspired look.

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