WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

Support is all around you, Sagittarius, but sometimes, you’re so busy DIY-ing that you forget to look up and see it. Not so this week! On Tuesday, April 12, your “soul family” of helpers and healers could come through for you big time, opening doors and inviting you into their spaces. For this you can thank a rare and miraculous mashup of your ruler, limitless Jupiter and numinous Neptune in your fourth house of security and roots. This warm hug from the heavens could bring an epiphany about your emotional needs—and you may finally figure out the right way to express them to the people closest to you. The spirit of supreme forgiveness is in the air, and this high-vibe alignment can help YOU get real about your role in a recent meltdown. Maybe you could have been more understanding or a better listener. Extend the olive branch, but don’t sweep real issues under the kilim. The same problem will keep on arising until you come up with a truly workable solution. Think: Can you create a healthier way to discuss touchy topics?


Developments close to home could happen at a rapid speed starting Thursday, when NASCAR-driver Mars plows into Pisces, joining Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in your domestic fourth house until May 24. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, Sagittarius, and if that’s your story, Mars gives you the momentum to start packing. Happy where you live? Come in for a landing! But with this motivational energy surging, you’ll be busy tackling those long overdue household projects—like FINALLY cleaning up your basement or decorating your bedroom to be a cozy, chic sleep sanctuary. You’ll get the project done in record time with Mars’ high-octane energy fueling you. Warning: This Mars cycle can stir up discord with family, especially if they’re unhappy with the level of Sagittarius time they’re getting. Try not to get defensive. Hear them out (they miss you), then see if you can take the chaos out of this by setting up a regular night for spending time together.


On Saturday, the full moon in Libra lands in your eleventh house of friendship and group activity, turning your focus to your social network. Who are these people you call “squad,” Sagittarius? You can’t always choose your co-workers, but you CAN be selective about your off-duty crew. Perhaps it’s time to prune back your friend list and make time for the relationships that feel like healthy win-wins. Or take it upon yourself to bring together all the fascinating people you know. Playing superconnector is deeply fulfilling to your garrulous sign, since you love nothing more than watching synergies unfold. And you may have good reason to celebrate, like a shared victory for Team Sagittarius that arrives within two weeks of this full moon. Because this one lands in your tech sector, you might connect with a new collaborator online or through social media. Click and ye shall find.

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