MONTH OF January

Monthly Snapshot 

Less grinding, more unwinding! That’s your prescription for 2021, Sagittarius, and you won’t mind at all. January revs up your social sector, and even if some of the fun has to happen virtually, you’ll finally get to spend less time “doing” and more time communing. Get ready to hold court and entertain the troops with your witty banter and clever turns of phrase!

But it won’t be all play and no work. With Mars and Uranus both heating up your systematic, healthy sixth house, you’re eager to put a big plan behind your supersized ideas. Be careful not to rush into anything and avoid literally moving too quickly. These jarring planets can make you accident-prone in their positions, or they could give you a case of tunnel vision. One of the best things you can do is delegate. You need support to get everything done, but with the right people and clear communication, you will!

Make sure everyone on Team Sagittarius has their marching orders because on January 30, Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks, which can mess with technology, travel and communication.

Week 1: January 1-10

Simmering down and getting things done

Life’s about to go from a passionate boil to a steady simmer—and you’re ready for a bit more consistency, Sag. For the past six months, just-say-yes Mars has been taking an extended trip through bold Aries and your fifth house of passion, fame and creativity. It’s been exciting and intense, but also more than a little exhausting.

On the upside, your love life (and sex life) may have been pedal-to-the-metal. Mars might have sparked an intense attraction with a side of drama, leaving few dull moments at the Sagittarius Inn. That, along with free-flowing creativity and an applause meter that was constantly lit up, made for some memorable moments despite pervasive pandemic restrictions. The downside of all those admiring eyes, however, included too much intensity for even your taste, and excessive demands for your attention.

Get ready to shift gears on Wednesday, January 6, when Mars enters tenacious Taurus and your nose-to-the-grindstone sixth house until March 3. Until then, you’ll have a green light to bring some sharper edges back to your life. Fire up your fitness plans and healthy eating. Focus on self-care and get a head start on your personal AND professional goals as the new year starts.

Week 2: January 11-17

Hey—remember your body?

Welcome to Overthinkers Not-So-Anonymous, Sagittarius. This week your mind (and possibly your mouth) are running at warp speed. And while you’ll be dropping some brilliant nuggets for sure, your nervous energy could also be off the charts.

What’s behind all of this? Well, outspoken Jupiter (your ruler) and ambitious Saturn are both in Aquarius, activating your communication house, since last month. You’re a one-Archer idea machine, and you’re not only coming up with genius concepts, but you’re attracting kindred spirits and complementary collaborators to help make those visions a reality.

But as much as you’re loving this creative groove, you’re also feeling the call of duty—and possibly a reminder that you ARE still a human being living in an actual body, one that needs to be exercised, fed, hydrated and rested. With anxious Mars and disruptive Uranus both in Taurus and your sixth house of health, organization and helpful people, you’re being issued a reminder of this. Note to superstar Sags: You can’t do it all alone! (And well, just because you technically can doesn’t mean you should.)

On Wednesday, January 13, a clashing square between Mars and Saturn sounds the call for knowing your limits and honoring them. Rather than rushing forward into any big ideas, pause to make a proper plan. Budgets, schedules, timelines: Sure, that might sound like a snore to seat-of-your-pants Sags, but they’ll be mission-critical to your success. Got underutilized people on your team or in your home? Stop to spell out your process so they can actually lighten your load. It might seem easier to just do it yourself, but in the long run, it’s not!

Your health gets an energy boost this Thursday, January 14, when changemaker Uranus wakes up from a six-month retrograde in Taurus and your well-being zone. Out of the blue, you could be motivated to improve your fitness and bust out of any Covid or early-winter slumps. With tech-savvy Uranus here, your “New Year, New You” kick will be supported by apps that help you track your eating and exercise, whether that’s a wearable fitness device or a subscription to a streaming workout platform.

New job offers could come in once Uranus turns direct, or you might decide to start delegating and outsourcing if your plate is full. Fun fact: There will be ZERO planets retrograde for the next two weeks, making this a great time for bold, decisive moves.

Thursday also marks the annual meetup of the confident Sun and strategic Pluto. These two luminaries will unite in Capricorn and your second house of work and money. It’s a chance to assert yourself and raise your asking price or to let the world see how self-assured and capable you are. Mystical Pluto could fire up the Law of Attraction in your favor while the indomitable Sun strengthens your already potent willpower. With this much drive and desire, there’s nothing you can’t achieve today. Break out of limiting beliefs around your worth (both financial and self-related) that are holding you back. The ceiling is a whole lot higher than you may think!

Analysis paralysis alert! On Sunday, January 17, you could get a little too caught up in grass-is-greener syndrome when your ruler, more-is-better Jupiter, squares off against disruptor Uranus in your micromanaging sixth house. Jupiter-Uranus squares only happen every seven years, and they arrive to shake up the status quo—not gently, either! With Jupiter activating your third house of communication and ideas, your mind is going a mile a minute—and you could be a multitasking machine! But erratic Uranus could throw curveballs into your carefully crafted plans or drive up a bout of anxiety that impacts your equilibrium.

Manage stress and be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Since both of these planets are driven to fight for freedom, you could find yourself feeling trapped by your tasks and responsibilities. Could you delegate duties to a capable assistant to free up some time for yourself? Like many people, you’ve probably been on your devices, screens and Zoom calls around the clock and are likely on media overload. Take this Sunday off and do a digital detox. We know it will be hard to wean yourself off the compulsive message checking—but your mind, body and soul will thank you.

Week 3: January 18-24

Bring on the flow and fun! 

You’ve still been hustling hard through January while the Sun’s been in Capricorn and your industrious second house. But today, El Sol moves into Aquarius and your social, communicative third house until February 18, keeping company with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. If your life hasn’t already turned into a flurry of messages, meetings and (masked) meetups, it’s about to—but as a variety-loving Archer, you’ll be in your prime.

Has your fitness or health fallen by the wayside? This Wednesday, January 20, action planet Mars unites with electrifying Uranus, the planet of radical change. As the two connect in Taurus, they’ll fire up your sixth house of wellness, organization and helpful people. Get ready to make a big pivot with your habits and infrastructure.

This week asks the big question: What does it REALLY take to have a “sound body and mind”? Well, Archer, it’s not something you can do alone. You need to put systems and support in place that allow you to not only start healthy habits but to stick with them. Warning: These two nervous and frenetic planets can make you accident-prone, so slow down a little. Keep stress at bay and pay attention to your surroundings this week.

Is it time to get Team Sagittarius rocking? With Mars and Uranus united in your zone of employees, you’ll be inspired to ditch the DIY routine and start delegating to capable specialists.

If you don’t? Well, you’ll get an eye-opening look at the kinds of breakdowns that can happen when you stick too many irons in the fire. That will happen on Saturday, January 23, when Mars squares off against your ruler Jupiter. Hello, multitasking overload! You could finally realize that even you, Sagittarius, can’t be in more than one place at a time.

With sobering Saturn connected with the energizing Sun this Saturday, a harsh reality check could be in order. No, you’ll never be content to have just ONE project or thing going on. But you do have to prioritize, to say no to things that don’t totally light you up in order to say yes to the opportunities that truly make your soul sing.

As the Sun and Saturn merge in Aquarius and your intellectual third house, you’ll have a serious think about the projects and plans you want to commit to in 2021. Take your time and be ultra-real with yourself about what each will require. Here’s a hint: The third house rules teaching, writing and speaking, so if there are media projects or a chance to team up with savvy kindred spirits whose skills complement yours, explore these directions!

Week 4: January 25-31

The gift of gab

Paging Communication Central! This week could bring a steady stream of rings, pings and messages as four heavenly bodies gaggle in Aquarius and your interactive third house. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all in this outgoing sign, igniting a flurry of action. You’ll be brimming with big ideas and your schedule could be packed, calling up equal amounts of excitement and stress. If you’re feeling like you can’t keep up, try a highly rated communication helper app like Todoist.

On Tuesday, January 26, the Sun in opinionated Aquarius will square off against disruptor Uranus in stubborn Taurus, echoing the tension of the January 13 Mars-Uranus square. Get ready for another round of information overload! You could be juggling one too many projects or feel rushed to make a decision when there are too many options. From FOMO to analysis paralysis, you could reach a breaking point. And if someone rushes you to sign on the dotted line, you might explode. Watch that temper under this heated transit. Can you find a quiet moment to ask yourself what REALLY has to get done right away—and what can wait?

On Thursday, January 28, your big visions could become a reality when the year’s only full moon in expansive Leo illuminates your ninth house of global exploration, learning and entrepreneurship. Look back to the Leo new moon on August 18, 2020, because a venture you started then could take flight. While traveling is a non-option for most people, you may have an opportunity to book a getaway for later in the year or to jump into a business opportunity from afar.

Even better? Today, the Sun will conjunct lucky, effusive Jupiter in its once-a-year meetup, known as the Day of Miracles and considered by astrologers to be one of the most auspicious days of the year. Since their parley party’s taking place in your third house of communication, this is an all-caps great day to spread a message, publish, teach or make a media appearance.

Get your message out there quickly, though, because on Saturday,class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” January 30, expressive Mercury will go retrograde until February 20. Mercury will back through outgoing Aquarius and your third house of communication and technology, almost like a double dip in these signal-scrambling seas.

Yikes! You’ll need to be extra protective of what you say, post or message now. Hold off on any gadget or vehicle upgrades (but do research your options)—and wait until after February 20 to sign on the dotted line with ANYONE.


No more drama! You’ve had an extended period of passion AND intensity thanks to ardent Mars spending six months in Aries and your fifth house of love, creativity and heated emotions. Since June 27, 2020, temperatures may have gone through the roof, which could have made for sizzling action in the boudoir one day, raging fights the next. It’s been exciting and exhausting in equal measure!

Mars will hang out in Aries and your frisky, feisty fifth house until January 6, while romantic Venus is in Sagittarius until January 8 (where she’s been since December 15). The first week of 2021 could be adventurous in the love department. But you still might have a little TOO much fire, which could cause you to come across as aloof or aggressive.

That changes on January 6, when Mars finally moves on to Taurus and your grounded, sensible sixth house until March 3. As the red planet makes a costume change from sexy eveningwear to athleisure, your attention turns to lavishing some love on Numero Uno. Things slow WAY down, and not a moment too soon. Now you can restore balance and healthy dynamics to any relationships that got too combative. The sixth house rules service and pets, a great time to take a “dating hiatus” and express a more unconditional form of love, especially if you’re single or in need of a break from your S.O.

What do YOU need to feel grounded and secure? When Venus makes her annual foray into Capricorn and your second house of security and sensuality from January 8 to February 1, tune into your core values. A rare Venus-Mars trine may be stabilizing that you suddenly feel more serious than you have in a long time. You’re able to settle into your own skin and take the time to evaluate before rushing in. Attached? This is a great time for couples to tackle the more practical matters of your shared life, and to have fun doing so together!

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine

Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them.



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