INDIANAPOLIS- It’s race day at White River State Park. On Sunday, nearly 100 runners participated in the annual PJ 5K Run.

These runners did much more than just a 5K; they are helping raise awareness for sleep disorders and money for sleep research.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 50 to 70 million Americans have ongoing sleep disorders, and the CDC goes on to say one in three adults do not regularly get enough sleep.

That’s why organizers say a race like this one is so important to help those who are living with sleep disorders like sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

“I’ve been doing sleep medicine for longer than I want to admit… but you can see how things have expanded in the field,” Nancy Collop, one of the runners in Sunday’s race, said. “More people are interested in their sleep. There are a lot of sleep disorders. They tend to be chronic, so research is really important to help people sleep better and live better lives.” 

Not only is the race signifying the importance of raising awareness for sleep disorders but for the importance of sleep in general.

“When we talk about sleep disorders, but even just sleep in general, people don’t understand the importance that adults need seven to eight hours of sleep [each night], especially in America,” Julie Dahl, another runner, said. “We don’t think about that. We are burning the candles at both ends. People don’t understand the importance of getting those important hours of sleep for your energy, memory, and concentration. Sleep helps your mood with balance and control. It’s super important.”

Money raised from Sunday’s race will go back to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation and the Sleep Research Society Foundation.

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