Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) ran away from reporters and snuck out a backdoor to avoid questions about the 1/6 Committee hearing.


CNN’s Manu Raju tried to get Johnson to answer questions at an event in Milwaukee and reported, “In fact, on the way in and out of an event he had this afternoon in Milwaukee, I tried to ask him questions about the hearing, what happened and other issues as well. On the way in, he didn’t want to questions and on the way out, he snuck out a backdoor and declined to answer any questions.”

Sen. Johnson has changed his story numerous times about his role in the fake elector scheme since the 1/6 Committee implicated him. Johnson first denied that he participated in the plot, and then he blamed his staff for contacting Mike Pence’s staff and trying to be the Senator who handed the fake election certificates to Pence. Johnson was later caught working with one of Trump’s lawyers on the plot.

Ron Johnson is in deep with the fake elector plot that is currently under investigation by the Justice Department. Instead of facing the American people and answering questions, Ron Johnson is running away and hiding because nothing says innocence like escaping out the back door.


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