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Hot Damn! WWF’s got nothing on this.

The US Constitution provides for an Article V “Convention of the States”(COS); something that has never happened. Yet to date, the legalities have been scrubbed enough that some 19 state legislatures have fully & legally approved, and 19 more are in the process, either having passed the measure in one chamber, or introducing it.

Arizona passed its approval in 2017, and is one of the early ticket holders to the festivities, once that magic number is reached.

A “Convention of the States” is like a giant drain-plug, uncorked, for the DC Swamp.  Its legal powers are vast, and were meant to be used only when the Republic was in the deepest, non-wartime doo-doo.

Many DC Swamp-dwelling creatures, their armies of sycophants, lawyers, and think-tanks of “high-IQ stupid people”, are horrified at the prospect of this convention getting underway.  Proponents have to get 34 states on-board for the official call, specified in Article V.

Another horrifying aspect to DC—is the Swamp cannot pick the conventioneers; they’re picked by various states’ legislators, and other methods as state constitutional law may apply.

Up until events of recent weeks, the major motivations for a Convention of the States were useful housekeeping things like term limits for Congress & the courts, a line-item veto for the President, and a balanced budget amendment.

(if used) Roe-v-Wade could now turbocharge all this; and it would be exactly the correct venue.  Otherwise, if the Hard-Left tries by legislative edict, like a national Right-to-Abortion Act, especially before the current razor-thin Dimshevik majorities in Congress get obliterated by the coming ‘wave election’, they will have wasted their time and money.  Plus, who’s going to vote for it in an election year? LOL.

A smarter path is to go to the abortion-friendly states’ legislatures (none of the 19 who’ve already passed COS), and lobby to get that COS show on the road, pronto!   I predict the Dimsheviks won’t do this, even though in a COS they would have far greater influence.  These people don’t do delayed gratification; they want it now.

Here’s another curveball: a COS maybe needed by what’s unfolding with the end of the Petrodollar Imperium.  You can read about that in these 2020 past pieces, Number 1 and Number 2.   Part 3 will be out shortly.

Back to Roe-v-Wade: I admit, given the Hard-Left’s propensity to act without thinking, the potential for a Convention of the States put into gear with their help is a long shot.   But if they did help engineer such, it would be the greatest civics lesson America has seen since Watergate in 1974.

Sellers is a Southpark Republican living in incorporated Oro Valley; his background is federal technology commercialization

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