I can attest that this unique design makes the 24/7 Inks Eyeliner incredibly easy to use. The pen is so easy to control, and the close-to-the-tip grip means minimal shakiness and clean, straight lines. Since the tip is so narrow, you can also get extremely delicate lines, which are usually hard for me to achieve with a liquid liner (unless I start over at least three times).

I can finally draw a perfect cat eye again, especially with Kassajikian’s flawless application advice. “To create the perfect winged liner, begin with flicking a line outward starting at the end of your lash line,” he says. “Then in the opposite direction, draw a line inward to create a V shape. After that, just fill it in and then lay the tip of the liner flat against your lash to connect all the way through.”

Another major plus of this liner? When the formula dries down, it doesn’t become impossible to draw over without flaking off on the dry parts—one of my pet peeves with liquid eyeliners. The formula works with you until you’re done, and then it stays in place without smudging for an entire day. After trying many, many liquid eyeliner formulas, I think I’ve finally found my holy grail, and I’ll be sticking to it. 

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