This might be a weird way to start this article, but even as a beauty editor, I don’t consider myself a mascara connoisseur. In fact, I don’t spend more than a few minutes putting on mascara, and I don’t layer on too many coats. It’s appalling, I know. Honestly, I prefer mascara that gets the job done quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling like I need to apply a thousand coats or use the best lash curler money can buy to achieve the look I’m going for. One drugstore-priced brand, in particular, aligns with my mascara values. Most of its formulas cost only $5 but create a gorgeous, natural length and lift on the lashes. Enough said, right? Well, if you’re not convinced, let me first tell you that I’m talking about Essence Cosmetics—the hero drugstore brand that delivers quality at a low price. You may even remember when the brand’s Lash Princess mascaras went viral for this exact reason.

While Essence now offers more mascara options beyond its Lash Princess formulas, I thought I would test a few more out and narrow down my favorites. After all, I know I can’t be the only one who likes spending only $5 on mascara while still ensuring I’m buying the best formula. Keep scrolling if you’re a kindred spirit and vibe with this sentiment. I’m sharing my thoughts on all of Essence’s best mascaras below.

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