Trump appears to be more unstable and even less tolerant of any suggestion of reality, as evidenced during his interview with Piers Morgan.

Video clip:

Morgan went after the big lie by telling Trump that the election was free and fair, and he lost.

Trump responded, “Only a fool would think that.”

Morgan asked, “You think I’m a fool?”

Trump answered, “I do now, yeah.”

The clip shows Trump calling Morgan very dishonest and proclaiming the interview to be over.

Trump’s outburst explains why the RNC bailed on the Commission on Presidential Debates. The clip is short, but if Trump did stomp off after having his big lie challenged, it suggested that he has spent his time since losing the presidency convincing himself of his own BS.

If this man is what Republicans are going to nominate to be the next President Of The United States, they might be doomed to suffer an epic defeat.

It is possible that there isn’t enough gerrymandering and voter suppression to get Donald Trump elected to the White House again.

Trump seems to be an utter disaster, and if the Republican Party learned nothing from 2020, they could be facing an even bigger beating at the hands of Democrats in 2024.

The Piers Morgan interview is just a taste of what the GOP is setting itself up for in two years.

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