Recently, the Biden administration proposed amending regulations to implement a new interpretation of Title IX. Title IX prohibits recipients of federal financial assistance from discriminating on the basis of sex in education programs or activities.

Today, Rep. Allen submitted comments (attached) to the Department of Education raising concerns with the proposed rule change.

“The department’s claim that Title IX has never defined ‘sex’ has a simple explanation: everyone used to know it meant biological gender,” said Rep. Allen. “This rule change is a blatant attempt by the current executive to use Federal power through government funding to force schools to adopt a certain ideology. Furthermore, it usurps the power of local school communities from creating policies that can assure the wellbeing of all students, including victims of abuse. This proposed rule change will actually exclude and harm more students.”

Not only does the proposed rule make “sex” a fluid and very subjective word, but the new procedural changes open up a Pandora’s box of objective justice.

“Changing the language from sexual harassment to sexual discrimination without fully defining the new standard is a recipe for disaster. Clear standards are important,” stated Rep. Allen. “There are several other changes that erode due process and seem to reverse the standard view of innocent until proven guilty to a new view of guilty until proven innocent. This is a gross manifestation of the cancel culture that will lead to cultural manipulation for political correctness.”

Rep. Allen encourages individuals to share their concerns with the proposed rule by commenting at

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