During their June 22-23, 2022, board meeting, the South Dakota Board of Regents unanimously approved an expanded alcohol sales policy for South Dakota public universities. The policy allows the six universities governed by the Board of Regents to extend the sale of alcoholic beverages into general admission areas of performing arts and athletic events.


The student-led effort to expand alcohol sales to general admission areas began with a South Dakota Student Federation letter urging the Board of Regents to change the current alcohol sales policy, which limited alcohol sales to specially designated box seats or loge areas. The Student Federation includes leadership from each of the college’s student governments.


“This change came from a request from South Dakota public university students,” said BOR Executive Director Dr. Brian Maher. “We’re seeing a move towards general admission alcohol sales at collegiate events across the country; it seemed like a good time to revisit South Dakota’s policy as well.”


While the updated policy provides institutions with the flexibility to expand alcohol sales, events must meet specific criteria. Events with authorized general admission alcohol sales must have a defined start and end for alcohol purchases. Alcohol sales must be separate from general concessions, and each event must include at least one alcohol-free zone. Anyone engaged in selling or serving alcoholic beverages at these events must be trained to recognize fake IDs, prevent service to minors, identify signs of intoxication, and how to handle disorderly customers.


The new policy will be in effect at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. South Dakota public universities are not required to implement general admission alcohol sales at campus events. To view the full policy guidelines, visit sdbor.edu.

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