The question of recumbent bikes vs upright bikes is one that’s likely on the mind of anyone who is thinking of taking up indoor cycling for exercise; after all, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed lots of us to work out at home. If you have spent any time researching this topic, you’ll have found it to be an often confusing field full of different types of stationary bikes, many of which promise to do different things.

Two of the main types of exercise bikes you will find are recumbent and upright. To help you work out the differences between recumbent vs upright bikes, we’ve broken down exactly what each one is, how they operate, which muscles they work, and who each bike would suit best. This will then aid you in helping to narrow down which type of bike is best for your own living situation, fitness level, and workout needs.

Recumbent bikes vs stationary bikes: what are they?

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