White supremacists are afraid of Black men and women. They are afraid of Muslims and of Jews. They fear Asian Americans. They are cowards who make for very poor soldiers.

White supremacists are more interested in Nazi tattoos than they are in what Nazism stood for. There is a simple reason why they tried to hide their faces as they attacked the U.S. Capitol. It is the same reason why the Ku Klux Klan wore hoods and robes to hide their identities: They are afraid.

The racist who killed 10 people in Buffalo, N.Y., did not get what he really wanted. What he wanted was to not be afraid anymore, and he utterly failed. What he will get is a long jail sentence where he will learn to be very afraid of older white supremacists he will find there.

White supremacist manifestos are not really doctrines. They are, instead, simply speeches of hate. It is a crying shame that Republicans cannot come out as one and decry white supremacy. Instead, they have their spokesmen like Tucker Carlson spouting the same racist dogma. Their silence is complicit.

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