Rachel Maddow shot down the idea that Trump is anything special and that the country will fall into violence if he is indicted.

Video of Maddow:

Rachel Maddow put Trump’s indictment into context:

It didn’t create a lasting problem for us as a country. It does not bend the constitution, let alone break it, to indict criminals for crimes, even when the alleged criminal is someone who has been elected to a very important job. It’s run-of-the-mill public corruption enforcement in this country, and we do it all the time.

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And there is no reason why a former president should be magically immune from the same legal system that just in the past three years has put handcuffs on at least 13 state senators, 17 state representatives, 1 serving congressman, 1 former congressman, the Delaware state auditor, the Republican party chair, too many counselors, aldermen, executives, and mayors to count. It happens all the time. It really does not have to be the end of the world.

And anybody telling you if there is an indictment of this particular former public official, there will be a protest like you’ve never seen before, there will be civil war there will be an unstoppable uprising among his supporters and violence and all the rest. Anybody telling you that is the consequence of him being potentially indicted, well, that person may be wishing for that, but there is no reason that something like that is inevitable. This is not something coming up that is extraneous to our system that we need to invent something new to contend with.

The bottom line here is that prosecuting public officials and former public officials, it happens all the time in the United States of America. And it never engenders violence. And it never endangers the country, and it doesn’t require our legal system to be fundamentally rethought or dismantled. Unless someone wants to try to gin that up, and that is what we that up and that is what we are contending with now, with this particular former public official was so far, the reaction among supporters of former president Donald Trump feels to be very muted at least in the real world.

Rachel Maddow was correct. Republicans aren’t being subtle about this. The GOP is trying to use Trump’s indictment to rally their party for 2024. House Republicans have been an ineffective disaster in the majority. Ron DeSantis has faceplanted as a presidential candidate.

Republicans have nothing, so they are going to try to unify around outrage over Trump being indicted. The problem is that Trump being indicted really isn’t that big of a deal.

Maddow obliterated the fake hysteria and showed what is really behind it is another cynical Republican attempt to rally their supporters and distract from a growing list of crippling failures.

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