In addition to its proposed one million square foot, next-generation beef and bison processing facility project near Rapid City, Western Legacy Development Corporation is hoping to also establish a bio-diesel supply line and/or facility

President/CEO Megan Kingsbury says they’ve attracted global attention as they focus on putting competition back into the beef market and creating resiliency within the protein supply chain. She says they are in ongoing negotiations with multinational oil and gas company allies with the goal of establishing a bio-diesel supply line and/or facility in conjunction with the packing facility.

Kingsbury says they expect to announce a significant collaborative relationship for the creation of green energy using the captured tallow in the near future. She says the tallow can readily be converted to a next-generation energy source such as bio-diesel.

Kingsbury says Western Legacy officials are holding a meeting Thursday (June 30, 2022) at 7pm MST at the Wall Community Center. She says the agricultural community is invited to participate in a two-hour question and answer forum with the corporation’s Advisory Board Members and Owners.

The plant will also be partnering with Farmers Union Industries for on-site byproduct processing. The project is currently in the research and development phase. If it comes to fruition, Kingsbury estimates 2500 jobs could be created for the Rapid City area.

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