Despite all the protestations to the contrary, and the NewYorkNewsMedia’s repeated clinical attempts to normalize [scientifically] its distribution vector….Monkeypox has been a public relations disaster for the gay community.

In many peoples’ minds, what arises is twofold.  “Can’t all those randy gay guys stop having sex with monkeys?”  While this first piece of benighted ignorance is downright humorous, the second, more subtle implication is darkly ominous, and it harkens back to an ancient, medieval human meme; i.e. “they’re unclean.”

Let this be a warning; the theme of uncleanliness was a gigantic flying buttress in the boiler-plate ideology of Nazi Germany.  The Nazis knew their audience, and the Teutonic reputation for anal (pun intended) obsessions with cleanliness did not go unexploited.  Why they were all such snappy dressers, too.

Jews were routinely portrayed as ‘unclean’, and later gays, as Hitler ruthlessly eliminated his own [successful] Brownshirt major domo, Ernst Rohm, a notoriously brutal, closet-gay sadist.  This, at the behest of the German military, along with Rohm’s entire [closet-gay] leadership coterie.  All of whom had been with Hitler since the movement’s beginning.

What today’s Monkeypox has now done is upset the normalization of gay acceptance. As the religionistas contend, it’s God’s way of reminding us how ‘unclean’ those people really are (?).  Or, similarly arcane, will probably be Tucson’s Center for Bio-Diversity (CBD), absurd belief it’s evidence of global warming (and how do we monetize? $$$ cha-ching!).  Maybe, it’s the result of the big January ‘22 escape in central Pennsylvania of experimental monkeys after a highway accident there, as the conspiracy crowd believes (?).

None of that matters; all water under the bridge.  The chief impetus now is visual; unlike AIDs, Monkeypox IS VISUAL; a disgusting coverage of the body with hundreds of painful pustules of pox-filled pus.  Seriously folks, this is downright medieval.  It’s no wonder people of faith are checking their Bible concordances for Book of Revelation word-references.

We’ll get thru this, but the long-term solution is basically tech-enabled, super-portable blood analyzers.  Much like the uber-cheap, uber-capable, handheld, battery-powered, blood sugar analyzers that have become so common.  Frankly, I’m surprised no one has introduced an el cheapo model for all sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) by now.  It’s an overnight, multi-billion $$$ market worldwide.

Maybe the silver-lining here is the Monkeypox plague will spur their development.  Meanwhile, the gay community is just going to have to take it on the chin, or up the rectum, as the case may be.

Sellers is a Southpark Republican living in incorporated Oro Valley; his background is federal technology commercialization.

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