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TORONTO — The head of Toronto’s homicide squad said Tuesday they have released sketches of a little girl whose body was found in a dumpster in an effort to identify her.

Inspector Hank Idsinga said police contacted the lead detectives for 58 missing children cases across Canada, but there is no evidence linking the girl to those cases.

“We believe it is unlikely the child located on Dale Avenue has ever been reported missing,” Idsinga said.

Idsinga said investigators are also looking for a dark-colored Porsche Cayenne SUV that inexplicably stopped outside the home where the girl’s remains were found.

Police said the little girl’s remains were found in a dumpster outside a home in a wealthy Toronto neighborhood on May 2.

They said the remains were likely placed there in the days prior, but the girl may have died last summer.

Investigators said the girl was between 4 and 7 years old and Black, either of African or mixed African descent.

Last month, investigators released two images of items of clothing the child was found in with the hopes of leading to identification.

At a news conference Tuesday, Idisnga said there is no obvious cause of death and that it will take some time to determine it — or it may remain undetermined.

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