A gas station owner in the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t mind using excessive force to combat rising crime rates.

For what he refers to as “nonsense,” North Philadelphia’s Karco gas station owner Neil Patel has taken matters into his own hand by hiring private security detail equipped with Kevlar vests and AR-15 rifles.

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level,” Patel told FOX 29 of his decision to render the services of Pennsylvania S.I.T.E State Agents. “We are tired of this nonsense: robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs.”

Patel, who reportedly owns 22 gas stations in the region, said his car was a casualty of crime in the area, one of his businesses was ransacked and an ATM machine was stolen.

The Philadelphia-based security firm’s chief Andre Boyer explained to the outlet: “We wear Kevlar, we are trained, my guards go to training every other week, they’re proficient with [their guns] and with their taser, they know the law.”

Boyer, himself, is a former Philadelphia police officer who was sued for defamation by the police union in 2016.

A Pennsylvania S.I.T.E Agents clad with Kevlar vest and AR-15s or shotguns  guards a Karco gas station in Philadelphia PA.

The local business owner’s heavy-handed approach to security is paying off. Since hiring Pennsylvania S.I.T.E State Agents three weeks ago, no other crime or loitering has taken place at his business.

According to a FOX 29 quick poll, 72% of participants said they felt safer about armed security measures, while 27% said they were uncomfortable with it.

“This is the protection for the neighborhood and the customers,” Patel said.

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