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The words “Twitter” and “heartwarming” are not often seen in the same sentence, but sometimes miracles happen. This week, journalist and author Talia Lavin asked people on Twitter to tell her “the most remarkable weird dessert” from their state, city, or country, and the results are just downright delightful.

A lot of the answers fit the “remarkable” and regional parts of the original question, but not the “weird” part — and while I hate to call anyone else’s food weird, I know that pies or jams made of regional berries like Saskatoon aren’t at all weird, so much as limited by geography. Pine cone jam, though, I’ll grant was surprising, and a few dishes truly stretch the brain’s ability to imagine combinations of ingredients, like Utah’s frog-eye salad with pasta and marshmallows, and Baltimore’s predilection for peppermint sticks in lemons. But I would never yuck anyone else’s yum, and the next time I am in these places, I can’t wait for the opportunity to try them — and taste my way through all the regional desserts the world has squirreled away.

What’s a “weird” regional dessert from where you’re from? Let us know in the comments!

Naomi Tomky


Seattle-based writer Naomi Tomky uses her unrelenting enthusiasm for eating everything to propel herself around the world as an award-winning food and travel writer.

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