Penn State football Twitter: We are . . . good at hiding stuff.

The Nittany Lions’ social team on Thursday played up the fact that former PSU players have had a presence in the Super Bowl dating all the way back to the first one, in which Dave Robinson’s Packers defeated Hatch Rosdahl’s Chiefs. The account posted an accurate statement; you just needed a magnifying glass or tool to get the full picture.

“Except for five since 1967.” A lot of eyes will look right over that.

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Fortunately, a lot of Twitter had its eyes wide open, and so it decided to have fun with the concept. Some of the best clapbacks included two from other teams’ social accounts:

There was also just a straight-up factual statement:

The five losses were followed by four consecutive wins, so that may not be the fiercest dunk.

Penn State wanted to boast because Super Bowl 55 will be the 50th big game (all but five, of course) with at least one Nittany Lions player. The Chiefs have offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski and the Buccaneers have offensive tackle Donovan Smith. noted in 2015 that the five non-PSU Super Bowls were Super Bowl 4 (Chiefs-Vikings, 1970); Super Bowl 6 (Dolphins-Cowboys, 1972); Super Bowl 24 (Broncos-49ers, 1990); Super Bowl 33 (Broncos-Falcons, 1999); and Super Bowl 44 (Colts-Saints, 2010).

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