At her weekly press conference, Speaker Pelosi called out the hypocrisy of Kevin McCarthy while suggesting that people get arrested for bringing guns into airports as Rep. Madison Cawthorn did.

Video of Speaker Pelosi:

Speaker Pelosi said:

 It was interesting to me that the leader talked about the concern that he had if, in fact, those were his words, which that’s up to you to decide, that he was concerned about his members causing danger here. And at the same time complaining that we have magnetometers to keep guns off the floor of the House. Now we saw a member take a gun into an airport. I thought you were arrested for that, try to take a gun on the plane. I guess his member was treated differently.


People have to make a judgment about how the Republicans in congress make a — hold their members accountable. And they can’t say in one breath I’m afraid they’re going to cause danger to other members and at the same time complains about my having magnetometers on the floor of the House.

Speaker Pelosi was correct. Madison Cawthorn is getting special treatment from law enforcement in North Carolina. Cawthorn has been arrested three times for driving with a suspended license. He has multiple DUIs and has tried to bring a gun onto an airplane twice since 2021.

Anyone else with Cawthorn’s record would not only be arrested, but they would probably be sitting in jail right now.

Kevin McCarthy is a hypocrite who claims to be worried about his members causing violence on the House floor while complaining about measures to keep guns off the House floor and doing nothing about Madison Cawthorn.

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