So, you want to stream March Madness live, huh? Well, there are numerous places that you can do that, and that includes the new streaming service Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus was formerly branded as CBS All Access, but the ViacomCBS company decided to rebrand it as Paramount Plus to have it compete in the modern streaming services market. WIth many cord-cutters looking for a way to stream both sports and live shows, the creators of the service saw an opportunity to attract a new clientele with a March launch of this service.

Here are the answers to all the questions you have about Paramount Plus and how you can watch live March Madness games with the service.

How to watch March Madness games on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is an online streaming platform that launched in the United States on March 4 of 2021. You can sign up for the service by visiting and clicking the “try it free” button. The service comes with a one-month free trial if you sign up on or before March 31.

Paramount Plus can be streamed on virtually any device, including:

  • iOS and Android devices
  • Chromecast
  • Most smart TVs, including Samsung, Vizio, and LG TVs
  • Playstation
  • XBox
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Portal TV
  • XFinity Flex

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What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is an online streaming service offered by ViacomCBS that gives users access to a vast library of on-demand entertainment options as well as live programs on CBS networks. This includes live sports, news, and more.

Included on Paramount Plus are programs from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and The Smithsonian Channel. The service also has numerous movies, both new ones and classics, from Paramount, Miramax, and MGM. And 30 to 45 days after Paramount’s pictures debut in theaters — like “Mission: Impossible 7” — they will be available to watch on Paramount Plus.

The service already has some notable new content included within it, including the heavily advertised “SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run,” which debuted when the streaming service launched. There are plans to reboot popular Nickelodeon series “Rugrats” and “iCarly” as well.

Other titles include “Star Trek” series both new and old, “Indiana Jones” movies, and the remake of the “Twilight Zone.” And if it was available on CBS All Access, it will be available on Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus price

There are two price options for Paramount Plus. The cheaper option costs $5.99 per month after the month-long free trial and comes with “limited ads” within the programming.

The second option costs $9.99 after the one-month trial and comes with no ads. Additionally, subscribers with this plan can download videos and play them offline.

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Why did CBS All Access change to Paramount Plus?

CBS All Access changed to Paramount Plus in an effort to expand its audience internationally. ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish explained that the company chose to rebrand the streaming service under Paramount because it is “an iconic and storied brand beloved by consumers all over the world, and it is synonymous with quality, integrity and world-class storytelling.”

All of the content previously available on CBS All Access is available on Paramount Plus. In fact, the company has added more to the streaming service and migrated all of its users over from CBS All Access to Paramount Plus. So, consumers with the service now have access to a greater library of content to watch.

NCAA Tournament free live streams

Cord-cutters can easily stream March Madness in 2021 for free online via NCAA March Madness Live. Other options include fuboTV (which offers a seven-day free trial) and several other dedicated streaming sites.

Below is a full rundown (not every option includes Turner Sports channels):

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