HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Around 1,000 gallons of unleaded fuel was spilled in Westfield Sunday after a fuel tanker flipped over while traveling on State Road 32.

Westfield Fire Department officials on the scene confirmed that the fuel tanker was transporting an estimated 8,500 gallons of gasoline when it lost control in a roundabout at the intersection of Main Street (SR 32) and Shamrock Boulevard, and rolled over.

The tanker’s lid started leaking and around 1,000 gallons of fuel was lost. The driver has since been transported to an area hospital for a standard medical checkup. It is not believed the driver sustained any injuries, authorities said.

Authorities said there is no hazard to the community as the affected area has been taped off and IDEM assists with the cleanup. Fire Hazmat and the Emergency Management Agency also were on the scene. The intersection will remain closed for several more hours as the cleanup efforts continue.

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