Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was so out of control during a primary debate that her mic had to be cut off when she wouldn’t stop talking.


Greene was talking about her voting record and her courage and bravery while claiming that her opponent would have voted for the NDAA and transgender surgeries.

Rep. Greene would not stop talking and throwing nonsense right wight buzz word attacks at Jennifer Strahan, so the moderators had to shut off her microphone.

Anyone who has watched debates for a while at any level of politics has occasionally heard moderators threaten to cut off the microphones of candidates who refuse to comply with the rules, but to see it happen is rare.

The legal challenge to have her disqualified from the ballot has clearly got Marjorie Taylor Greene spinning out of control. She seems actually worried about potentially losing the primary in her district.

Greene is straight out of the Donald Trump school of debating, which is to create as much chaos as possible and disrupt any semblance of rules and organization to hide what is presumed to be a lack of competence on the issues.

Rep. Greene is trying to smoke and mirrors her way to another term as she looks over her shoulder at the legal proceedings that could get her kicked off of the ballot.

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