WASHINGTON — One Nation, a public policy organization dedicated to promoting commonsense legislative solutions, is launching a new $43.5 million, five-state “Summer of Accountability” advocacy effort, aimed at countering record-high inflation caused by reckless government spending, the chaos at the Southern border, and other quality-of-life concerns of hard-working Americans. The advocacy effort features multimillion-dollar paid media placements, first reported in Axios, as follows:

  • Arizona: $5.2 million (beginning June 3)
  • Georgia: $17.1 million (beginning May 31)
  • New Hampshire: $4.7 million (beginning June 21)
  • Nevada: $7.6 million (beginning June 21)
  • Wisconsin: $3.17 million (in addition to $5.8 million previously placed)

Americans are dealing with sky-high inflation, disappearing retirement savings, crime in their neighborhoods, and a tidal wave of illegal immigration in their communities. All of this was the predictable result of reckless spending and foolish policies emanating from Washington. We’re going to urge those who voted for this agenda harming Americans’ quality of life to change course. ” -One Nation President Steven Law

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