REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI)- The day after Black Friday is commonly referred to as Small Business Saturday – A day where holiday shoppers are encouraged to visit their local small businesses nationwide.

In Rexburg, Saturday’s snow may have detoured some of the shoppers, but Joe Hill, the owner to the Bike and Boards Shop on Main Street, says, “It’s been a good day. Been a good weekend… We’re grateful for the support that we’ve had and, hope to serve the community even better.”

The owner of Florence’s Chocolates, Brian Manwaring, says, part of the draw for his business and other small businesses is the atmosphere that you might not find at the bigger stores. He says, “We like to keep it kind of as a family atmosphere. And so we like to know who our customers are and hopefully they enjoy coming in and and visiting with us as well.”

He says the big shopping weekend is a special time of year that allows many to go home with their holiday chocolate. “It’s a good time for us to be able to open our doors to the community and offer a little bit of a discount so they can enjoy our chocolates for the holiday season,” says Manwaring.

Hill and Manwaring stressed the importance of supporting small businesses year round.

Manwaring says, “I think the small businesses maybe struggle a little bit and so it’s good to have the support of the community and rather than the big box store.”

Hill says, “We hope people do shop small. It’s good to know people are supporting locals.”

They say that all the money spent in small businesses is more likely to stay within the community than at the larger stores.

While they received lots of support today, they are grateful for the support that they have had over the years.

“We’re glad to be here. We love this community. We love the people, love the area… We’re glad to be here and talk to people about what they’d like to do.” Hill said.

“I just want to say thanks to all those that support our business here locally. And we’ve been here for 41 years and we just appreciate all of their support throughout the years,” Manwaring said.

They encourage everyone to shop locally not just on Small Business Saturday but all year round.

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