MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senate Candidate Steven Olikara is surging with primary voters in Wisconsin. His core message of changing the system and ending legalized bribery in Congress is resonating with voters across the political spectrum. “This is a mission which is bigger than us. The exhausted majority is rising up,” says Olikara.

Olikara is shaking up Wisconsin politics as he enters the WISN Town Hall on August 2nd. This comes after his strong performance at the only U.S. Senate primary debate, after which pundits declared him as having the best night. This is significant given that the Olikara campaign was a heavy underdog heading into the debate

To achieve the required 5,000 donors to qualify for the debate, Steven got support from Andrew Yang and the Yang Gang, multi-platinum recording artist Akon, MSNBC commentator and former RNC chairman Michael Steele, and Pete Buttigieg’s digital team. “Our campaign has hit lightning in a bottle. Every communication channel with our campaign is flooded with interest.”

Olikara is the only candidate focused on changing the system. “I will not vote for Chuck Schumer as the next Democratic Leader, unless he ends the legalized bribery, stops charging for committee assignments, and bans lobbyist funding Members of Congress,” as he shared recently on MSNBC.

Olikara is committed to Make Government Work for Wisconsin’s Exhausted Majority. “We have to fix the incentives for elected officials.” Right now, politicians in Washington demonize each other and neglect their job of legislating because it is highly profitable to do so. Many spend a majority of their time fundraising as opposed to legislating, and special interest groups sponsor Members’ seats on influential Congressional committees. “It’s legalized bribery, and the vast majority of Wisconsinites lose out. We must elect leaders to Congress who truly care.”

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