"Carl The Rooster," sitting peacefully in front of a local Ocean Springs restaurant on a Saturday morning.

CarlFest @ Magic Hour will give the people of Ocean Springs and visitors an opportunity to honor the life of Carl the Rooster who was killed earlier this year. 

CarlFest @ Magic Hour, featuring live music, food, drinks and pop-up art shops, will be from 9 to 5 p.m. Thursday at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art at 510 Washington Ave. in downtown Ocean Springs.

WAMA also will offer a limited run of commemorative block prints coming out of WAMA studios, during CarlFest @ Magic Hour Thursday, according to the museum’s Facebook page.

Carl was one of the most popular in a group of chickens that have roamed the streets of Ocean Springs for many years and have been a source of contention among some residents who either love them or dislike them. However, the chickens have endured for many years as part of the community.

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