Noah Cyrus‘ lips are not sealed when it comes to clapping back on TikTok.

The “Again” singer took to TikTok to share a piece of her mind on May 11 after a fan commented that Noah “got lip injections” and is “so fake these days.”

In the clip, Noah didn’t respond to the fan’s claims but instead lip-synced to audio made by another user, saying, “F—king little tattletale rat!”

She then jokingly composes herself and continues the voiceover. “Okay, anyway, you’re a rodent,” Noah lip-syncs. “You’re a scurry, little, f—king, filthy, little like, infested rodent in the back of the class.”

TikTok users rallied behind Noah in the comment section.

One user wrote, “I AM SCREAMING AT THIS CLAP BACK AN ICONNN.” Another chimed in, adding, “Noah is in her tiktoker era and honestly, I’m here for it.”

When the “July” singer isn’t blessing our “for you” page, she is blessing our ears with new music. Last month, Noah gave listeners a taste of her upcoming debut album titled, The Hardest Part (dropping July 15) by releasing her new song, “I Burned LA Down.”

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