Nintendo has shared with its fans another edition of its Indie World Showcase and has once again provided a glimpse into the future of indie games on the Switch. In this roughly 20-minute show, Nintendo shared updates on previously announced games and revealed plenty of new ones to keep an eye on.

From a “crustacean-themed Soulslike” in Another Crab’s Treasure to a rhythm-based dungeon crawler in Soundfall to the adorable world of Ooblets, there was a wide range of genres on display in the 15 games that were featured in this latest Indie World Showcase. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, we’ve gathered all the announcements and trailers below so you can hopefully find your next favorite indie game.

Ooblets and Its Adorable World Arrive on Switch This Summer

Ooblets released in Early Access on Xbox and PC in July 2020, and Switch owners will soon get to visit its adorable world when it is released on the platform in Summer 2022. Alongside growing and training creatures called Ooblets, players will also have to help Badgetown grow and prosper. Much like Animal Crossing, Ooblets gives players the freedom of customization, crafting, making friends with your neighbors, and much more. Oh, and you can participate in “epic dance battles” and who doesn’t want that?

Save Your Planet in the ‘Interplanetary Action-RPG’ Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven is an “interplanetary action-RPG” that aims to mix the best parts of a hack-and-slash game with that of a twin-stick shooter. As the 16-year-old girl Avril, players will need to use her powers to save her home planet after a catastrophic event changed everything.

This story-driven adventure will be released on Switch in Fall 2022.

ElecHead Is a Game All About Bringing Back ‘Light to the World’

Nama Takahashi prototyped ElecHead as part of a school contest, and Switch owners will soon get a chance to try it out for themselves when it launches in Summer 2022. As a small robot named Elec, players will need to “bring back light to the world” by using electricity that activates objects when Elec comes in contact with them. He can also throw his head to help solve these challenges, but a 10-second shutdown timer will ensure his mind and heart aren’t apart for too long.

Soundfall Is a Dungeon Crawler With Rhythm-Based Musical Gameplay

If you’ve ever wished your dungeon crawlers had a bit more music in them, Soundfall is worth a look. This rhythm-based looter-shooter dungeon crawler from Drastic Games and Noodlecake puts players in the shoes of a Guardian of Harmony that must take down the forces of Discord. If you can stay on beat, you will become even more powerful, and more than 140 songs and up to four-player local and online multiplayer will keep things fresh for many playthroughs. The best part? It’s available later today.

Save the World from an Eternal Frost in the Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilder Wildfrost

Wildfrost is the latest entry into the deckbuilding genre, and it adds tactical and roguelike elements alongside asking players to stop an eternal frost. In addition to the standard card-based gameplay, players will be able to customize and upgrade companion cards, build up a hub town, and much more.

Wildfrost will make its way to Switch this holiday season.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Lets You Create the Most Hilarious Battles of Your Dreams

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator took the PC world by storm in 2019 when it let players predict Game of Thrones battles and whether Steam was better than the Epic Games Store. The amount of customization is one of TABS’ strongest aspects, and it lets you create the war scenario of your dreams and watch it play out in a hilarious fashion.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will fight its way to Switch this summer.

Gunbrella Is a ‘Noir-Punk’ Side-Scroller That Features a Deadly Weapon Usually Reserved for the Rain

Gunbrella puts everyone’s favorite rain-deflecting tool in the driver’s seat as it will help players make their way through a “noir-punk” world that very well may lose all its natural resources if nothing is done about it. Players will be able to upgrade the titular Gunbrella and interact with a diverse cast of characters.

Gunbrella is set to be released on Nintendo Switch in 2023.

We Are OFK Tells the Story of an Up-and-Coming Band in Los Angeles

We Are OFK is a “making-of-the-band journey” that will take players through the ups and downs of trying to make a dream come true in Los Angeles. This playable animated series starring Itsumi Saito and a fully-voiced cast will launch this summer and new episodes will be released weekly.

Dive Deep into a ‘Harrowing Ocean Abyss’ to Solve Puzzles in SILT

Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games will be sending players to a “harrowing ocean abyss” to solve mind-bending puzzles in SILT, which will be released on Switch in June 2022. While exploring this underwater world, players will be able to possess sea creatures to solve puzzles and interact and learn the many secrets that the ocean has to offer.

Mini Motorways Lets You Solve The World’s Traffic Problems

Dinosaur Polo Club wants to empower its players to fix the world’s traffic problems in Mini Motorways. The main mission of this game first released on Apple Arcade in 2019 is to design the roadways of a city to serve its citizens’ best interests. While things may start simple, highways and roundabouts and upgrades will keep players on their toes and will task them with keeping up with an ever-changing demand.

Mini Motorways will become available on Switch later today.

Become Journalist Casey Beaumaris and Journey to a ‘Curious Flying Hospital’ in Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand will let players become teenage journalist Casey Beaumaris and journey to a “curious flying hospital” that is filled with patients and their touching stories. Alongside learning more about those who are currently staying at the hospital, Beaumaris will also need to figure out more about the place she has suddenly found herself in.

Set in 1970s rural Australia, Wayward Strand features over a dozen characters to follow and you get to choose which stories you want to see unfold during a particular playthrough. Experience this world for yourself when Wayward Strand is released on Switch on July 21, 2022.

Repay Your Debt and Become a Possessed Lamb in Cult of the Lamb

The action-adventure game Cult of the Lamb and its randomly generated world will be released on Switch later this year and puts players in the hooves of a possessed lamb who was “saved from annihilation by a foreboding stranger.” Throughout the game, players will need to repay their debt by building up a community, conquering dangerous dungeons, building up resources, and much more.

Another Crab’s Treasure Is a Soulslike That Stars a Hermit Crab

Aggro Crab’s “crustacean-themed Soulslike” Another Crab’s Treasure stars a hermit crab that has to utilize over 50 different shells to overcome some of the most dangerous threats under this world’s polluted sea. Crab’s Treasure will make its way to Switch in 2023.

Swing Through the Jungle Learn About the ‘Struggle of Living Creatures’ in Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

As a lost gibbon, players will need to swing their way through a beautiful yet dangerous jungle and learn about the “struggle of living creatures around the world” in Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. The developers at Broken Rules wanted to create an engaging game about real-world environmental issues and Switch owners will be able to try it out for themselves later today.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Featured a Montage of Additional Upcoming Games

While these games weren’t featured in their own segment, today’s Indie World Showcase featured a montage of some upcoming indie titles, including Card Shark, A Guidebook of Babel, OneShot: World Machine Edition, Cursed to Golf, and Idol Manager.

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