Do you remember when Rainbow Six Siege was first announced in 2014 with that fancy E3 demo? It had fake actor/players who said all sorts of tactical stuff on mic, considered each step super carefully and treated the game like a delicate operation that could implode at any moment. It’s unrecognizable to the Siege of today, a (very fun) game that often favors twitchy gunplay and speed over tactics. The promises of that 2014 Siege video flooded back to me while playing a demo for Nine to Five, a 3v3v3 tactical FPS that wants you to take your time and actually make a plan.

Nine to Five is kind of like Siege on a larger scale. Maps can range from a city street with building interiors to one gigantic facility with four floors and tons of verticality. Despite having an extra team thrown into the mix, the 9-player total match is actually a bit smaller than the standard 5v5 FPS setup.

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