This is one show-and-tell we wouldn’t want to be a part of.

Nikki Glaser was more than happy to give her mom, Julie, an up-close-and-personal tour of her sex toy collection on the May 1 episode of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?. The mother-daughter duo stumbled upon the, erm, hidden treasures while moving Nikki into her new St. Louis apartment. 

“Dear god,” the comedian said of the under-mattress discovery, “This is where all of my secrets are.”

Julie reacted in a confessional alongside Nikki’s dad, EJ, admitting, “I wasn’t surprised that she had these things. It was the amount. It was shocking.”

Nikki ultimately took the moment in stride and used the opportunity to play a game she dubbed “Sex Toy or Thing You’d Find in a Nursing Home.” Her roommate Andrew correctly identified a bunion cushion, but after grabbing something he guessed was “a breathing apparatus,” Nikki revealed, “Nope, it’s a p–sy pump.”

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