DELAFIELD, Wis. – In light of the crime wave sweeping across Milwaukee and our state, Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Nicholson, is calling for new leaders who are serious about getting society back on track.

Combat veteran, outsider, and businessman, Kevin Nicholson, explained:

“Milwaukee has experienced 18 homicides in 15 days. 21 people were shot on Friday alone after the Bucks game. There are out of control car thefts. We’re seeing the fundamental dissolution of law and order right before our eyes. Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul and District Attorney John Chisholm have let lawlessness fester – and the rest of us are sick of it.

We need strong, moral leadership to rebuild the morale and capabilities of law enforcement in Wisconsin. As Governor, I will work with the legislature, sheriffs, police chiefs, municipal leaders, county executives, and boards across our state to set appropriate minimum sentences and bail requirements for violent charges and convictions to keep violent criminals off of Wisconsin’s streets.”

In March, Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson announced his 5 Point Plan for a Safer Wisconsin.

Nicholson, further explained:

As a candidate for governor, I understand the severity and scope not only of Wisconsin’s crime wave, but the dissolution of law and order that we are seeing in our society – and I have practical ideas for addressing the problem.

I pledge to the people of Wisconsin: when it comes to your safety and the safety of your family, as your governor, I will never give you cheap, trite talking points. I will work to understand the issues that drive our state’s problems, and then develop practical, real-world solutions that actually solve these problems and get our society back on track.

I’m proud to have the support of law enforcement leaders from across the state as we work to build a better future for Wisconsin.”

To read more about Kevin’s ‘5 Point Plan for a Safer Wisconsin,’ click here. To read Kevin’s op-ed ‘A Safer Wisconsin: My pledge as your governor,’ click here.

To learn more about why Kevin Nicholson is running for governor, along with his background and vision for Wisconsin, click here.

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