Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on the FOX Business Network this weekend and made some bold predictions about the 2022 midterms.

Gingrich suggested that Republicans could pick up to as many as 70 seats and that they would win back the House and the Senate.

In the 2010 midterms, which was certainly a red wave election, the GOP picked up just over 60 seats.

The Washington Examiner has details:

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Newt Gingrich predicts GOP could pick up historic 70 House seats

Newt Gingrich is forecasting what could be a historic red wave this November.

The former House speaker predicts Republicans could pick up as many as 70 seats in the House in the midterm elections, as well as four in the Senate, returning control of both chambers of Congress to the GOP.

“I think we’ll pick up between 25 and 70 seats in the House. We’ll probably pick up about four seats in the Senate,” Gingrich told Maria Bartiromo on her Fox News show Sunday Morning Futures.

In the House, that would top the 63-seat gain by Republicans in 2010, the height of the Tea Party movement and the highest gain for both parties since 1948, notes the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard. Democrats currently have a dozen more seats in the House than the Republicans. In the Senate, Democrats and two independents have control, with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaker.

Here’s the video:

Newt recently wrote this for FOX News:

Democratic Party’s many disasters offer us a rare chance to create an American majority

This is the first of four columns outlining the potential for a dramatic shift in the American political and governmental system. These columns are dedicated to turning a temporary opportunity into a permanent change that can create a stable reform government for several generations.

The combination of Big Government Socialism, woke radicalism, a governing performance disaster, and weak personalities at the top of the Democratic Party is creating an opportunity for a new American majority to emerge that brings together everyone who rejects all three components—and supports common sense efforts to create a better country for everyone.

Our polling at The American Majority Project (available to everyone) makes clear that free market capitalism beats Big Government Socialism by 59 percent to 16 percent. If forced to choose swing voters pick free market capitalism by 82 percent to 18 percent.

The midterms are going to be big.

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